Google Chrome, officially launching on Daydream VR headsets

According to the reports that we have gotten from our sources, Google is formally adding Google Chrome to its Daydream virtual reality platform. As a result of this, people that make use of the phone-based Daydream View headset or the standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo now have the ability to gain access to Chrome from their home screens. The virtual reality model of Chrome for the most part has the very same features that its desktop version has only difference in it is the added “cinema mode” which optimizes web video for virtual reality viewing. For this reason, Chrome supports the WebVR standard so that users will be able to access web-based virtual reality experiences on their own Daydream headsets.

Users of the Daydream headsets and every other form of headsets for some time now have had access to virtual reality Chrome and its WebVR components via the test versions of the browsers or the Chrome mobile Android app. Be that as it may, the announcement made by Google has positioned this version of Google Chrome as a stable, fully developed browsing app, not an experiment or conduit for WebVR.

The integration of Daydream with the products of Google that are existing has been a selling point for the company, however Google virtual reality apps have spread out to a lot of headsets; it released a YouTube app for the Samsung Gear virtual reality a few weeks back. To be clear, not a lot of people are really interested in shifting their web browsing to virtual reality. But nevertheless, if the Chrome web browser has this feature, it will prove useful for when a user wants to look up a tutorial for a virtual reality app especially if it is with a headset such as Mirage Solo from which that individual will not be able to switch back to normal browsing just because he wants to.

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