Google Assistant now able to make Duo video calls for you

In spite of the best efforts put in by Google, the Google Assistant has more times than can be counted fallen short of performance in comparison to its competition being Alexa and Siri. Be that as it may, Google is making moves to make Assistant more intuitive and increase its compatibility with its own services.

Although the efforts are a bit slow in motion, Google is working on combining its wide reaching and a bit complex web of mobile communication apps and this it is doing by merging Google Assistant with its Duo video calling app. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, an individual now has the ability to get Google Assistant to start a video call for them with someone on their contact list and the software will do that by moving the person over to Duo. However, if the person in question has not yet installed Duo, Google Assistant will make use of Hangouts in place of Duo, as reported by our sources.

If you are a user of the Google Assistant and you want to start a Duo video call, all you have to do is say or type “Video call” and then mention who you want to call. For instance, if you wanted to call a Henry, you say or type, “Video call Henry.”

The update was released on the latest version of Duo for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Individuals making use of Android 8.0 and above will have to sync their Duo settings with the use of the “Account Sync” option.

There’s a chance that this feature may not be made available to every user, therefore, it is important that once you find the feature, you should try it out either on your Assistant for iOS or on the Assistant that is available on the Android device of your choice.

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