Samsung accidentally leaks new Galaxy Watch product

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, it appears as though Samsung leaked its next smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch on its US retail website. The model looks like a rose gold version and it also appears to have a design like a Gear S3 Classic which does not really come as a total shock. However, this report does confirm the rumours that arrived earlier that Samsung would be forsaking its numeric naming scheme of its smartwatches in order to replace them with the new Galaxy Watch brand.

On the listing, there was no detail provided as regards the price of the new device neither was there any information concerning the date the device will be released. Be that as it may, the new Galaxy Watch brand will run the latest version of the Tizen software by Samsung and it will have as an addition, various kinds of Bixby integration. It was not too long after the accidental leak of this new device was published that Samsung pulled the listing from the US retail website.

If you are curious and intend to have more details of the product, know that Samsung is yet to remove the listing from the “Related Products” area of its retail website. So what you do is to go over to any Gear S2 listing, and there you will find the new Galaxy Watch. If you click on the listing, you will be taken to a “Page Not Found” error, but in spite of that, you will still be enabled to examine the rose gold version of the new product from the previous page.

According to an FCC document, the Galaxy smartwatch was expected to come in two different sizes. The variant that has a larger chassis is measured 48 mm and the smaller variant is 43.4 mm. The two models were called SM-R805 and SM-R815 which is totally different from the model number that was mentioned in the website which was SM-R810.

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