YouTube, testing an ‘Explore’ tab to help users find new videos and channels

It doesn’t matter if you make use of the YouTube service always or not, there’s a chance that you will not gain access to new content every time you visit the site. However, the streaming service is about modify all that.

YouTube is currently working on a new Explore feature which will help users find new channels and videos more easily on the platform when they are browsing with their mobile devices. The Explore feature will pop up as a tab at the bottom of the YouTube app home screen for iOS users.

The Explore feature will recommend videos on the basis of what users have watched before, difference is that the videos will be recommended on a broader scope than what the home screen offers. “Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos, or channels that you might not otherwise encounter, but they’re still personalized — so they’re still based on your viewing activity” according to Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of product management and host of the platform’s Creator Insider channel.

The new Explore tab will be in a way somewhat alike as the Explore tab that is provided by Instagram that offers feeds that are dedicated to science, sports, art, and lots more so users can scroll through them. The only difference is that the Explore tab of Instagram has a personalized “for you” channel. Twitter also has a service of a like nature that allows users to scroll through various kinds of feeds that are not essentially full of people they follow.

Just recently, Google made an announcement that it made a $25 million investment as part of the $300 million pledge with respect to the Google News Initiative to widen its work of aiding the news ecosystem’s long-term success in online video and it has a special focus on YouTube. Soon, YouTube will start showing relevant articles right next to developing news stories and highlight more local news.

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