Android Messages makes it easy to copy two-factor codes

Google is rolling out a little but adjuvant upgrade to Android Messages: the ability to copy two-factor authentication codes with a single tap, right from a notification.

If you are one to make of use two-factor authentication to secure your accounts, you may probably have utilized this particular process: type in your password, wait for a text messaged code to arrive, memorize the code, and then type it back into the login prompt. This can be a pain actually. However, if you use Android Messages and are logging into an app or website on your phone, it is about to get a little bit easier.

In the new update, Messages will detect if you are receiving a two-factor authentication code. When it does, it will add an option to the notification to copy the code, thus saving a step. The app update is still rolling out, our sources have reported that they have attempted to download the APK through Android Police, then again it should be available soon if you are yet to see it.

Google is not the first company to figure out this feature – Xiaomi and other Chinese phone companies have offered the ability to copy codes from a notification for at least some time. If this rolls out to a wider range, it will be much better. It is a real convenience for people who have two-factor authentication set up on a lot of their accounts. It is wise for every Android user to make use of the 2-FA as it makes accounts more secure.

It is worth mentioning that receiving a two-factor code from a text message is not the most secure way of locking down your account because it is entirely possible for the code to be intercepted. But it is the option that most sites offer, and it is still better than just the standard username and password.

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