Amazing: Over 65 billion apps installed from Google Play last year

The much awaited I/O conference for this year is here again. And Google has commenced the Android segment of its I/O developer conference. And in the tradition of Google in its developers conference, the giant company is releasing mind-boggling dada and figure.

Amazing: Over 65 billion apps installed from Google Play last year

This time around, Google has revealed that over the span of 2015, over 600 new Android phones have launched and then over 65 billion apps have been installed via its Google Play store for that same interval of time. 65 billion? That is nine zeroes I mean. This mind disrupting, we are barely seven billion on earth you know. As if that is not enough, Google further reveals that its mobile OS had risen notably to 1.4 billion users.

Google’s Dave Burke who is the Vice President of Android engineering made further revelations of a few numbers for other Android services. According to him, as of now, there are millions of Android TV units out there with over 100 and models and stereos with Android Auto in use —and then an additional 100 to come.

How things grow. Google has amazingly grown from those early days of a small search engine to one of the most intimidating gladiators in the tech arena. And as I can see it. Google has sank its flags firmly on earth and has come to stay. And though we expect further cataracts in their journey, I believe they are technically experienced enough to paddle past those rapids and cataracts that almost derailed IBM.

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