More romance between Tumblr and GIFs as Tumblir brings “GIF posts” on mobile

Tumblr is now introducing a new feature tagged GIF posts. This feature is a fresh sort of post type which is designed around those very GIF-creation tools which Tumblr and rolled out at the ending of 2015. So when you make a selection of this GIF posts, Tumblr will at once scour through your camera searching for a flurry of photos or videos for which it is possible to be converted to GIFs. It is not really bad at all.

More romance between Tumblr and GIFs as Tumblir brings "GIF posts" on mobile


That GIF feature was not really that public as it seems concealed inside of Tumblr’s photo post feature. So by this act of bringing it to the surface, Tumblr is gunning for an increases population of people posting GIFs.

Tumblir will equally add a number of upgrades to the tool. This time, we will enjoy the capacity to even make a drawing of your GIFs as much as inserting emoji on top of them — this is not really distant from Snapchat’s cousin photo-editing tool.

We would soon be having Tumblr’s GIF posts as well as GIF-creation tool on mobile. It has launched on iOS, thus it could be extended to Android next few weeks to come. Even if, certainly you could still post GIFs from the desktop — just that there is no vibe or refreshingly modern way to do it.

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