YouTube now recommending the best phones for video playback

Whilst making the announcement of its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung made a bold claim that the new phablet is a “YouTube Signature Device” for 2019. For those who have not heard anything regarding the certification, this is because it is a brand new program that was recently launched by YouTube. The YouTube Device Report mentions those devices that it refers to as “signature devices” used for watching YouTube. These devices provide the ability to watch 360-degree video footage, support for high dynamic range, high frame rate, 4K decoding, next-generation codecs, and reliable DRM performance. According to Google, its team assesses each of the devices and work with phone manufacturers to fix the video playback performance and capability issues. This therefore translates that not just any phone can be a “YouTube Signature Device.”

According to our sources, the report will launch with 18 devices and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 amongst other well-known smartphones like the Pixel 2 XL, the OnePlus 6, and the HTC U12 Plus. It is rather unfortunate that an iPhone is not included among the 18 devices that the feature will launch with. Although, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise as YouTube, Google, and Android are all components of the same company. Apple does not also support the VP9 video codec that was developed by Google and this is the reason why users of Safari are unable to watch videos in 4K.

Truth be told, it is unlikely that individuals will head to the webpage first before making a decision as regards the next smartphone they would like to purchase, be that as it may, this certification will without any doubt be used when materials require marketing anywhere in the world as any phone referred to as a “YouTube Signature Device” could gain more attention than others that are not.

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