Apple, offering instant credit toward for device trade-in online

Earlier this year, Apple remodeled it’s reuse and recycling trade-in program as “Apple GiveBack” and according to the reports that have gotten to us from our sources, Apple has updated its GiveBack program. The update to this program gives users the ability to trade in their old devices in order that they can get a new one online be it an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. The cost of the new device will be cut down as a result of the trade-in.

Before now, the only way an individual could receive a credit to be used when they want to make a new purchase was to visit an actual Apple Store. In order to make use of the Apple trade-in program online, one is required to ship their device and wait for an Apple gift card or debit card. However, with this new update, Apple has made it so its website would be able to grant a credit for trading in an old device so the granted credit could be used as quick as possible when buying a new device while still online.

Customers will now see the GiveBack prompt on the “buy” page for all Apple products. As soon as the online form has been used, the customer needs to fill out responses for a couple of questions and provide a serial number before the trade-in estimate can be completed. The latest devices that are being accepted in the Apple GiveBack program are the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. We are not entirely sure but, the company may also start to offer trade-in values for the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and even the iPhone X.

Apple made this update ahead of its iPhone event which is coming up next month. The company also updated its Apple Store app with a new GiveBack interface to make phone upgrades quite simpler.

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