Samsung’s new dual wireless charger now available

Samsung now has a new dual wireless charger that appears as if it is designed for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch. According to the reports we have gotten from our sources, the Wireless Charger Duo has two charging pads, with a flat area on it that is meant for the new Galaxy smartwatch and a propped up charging spot used for keeping the display of a phone visible while it is charging.

Each of charging pads on the Wireless Charger Duo has 12W of charging power which provides each of the two pads to support fast charging from Samsung or any other phone company. When combined, these two pads look similar like one of Samsung’s propped up charging pads that happen to be glued together with one of its flat charging pads. Samsung already has another dual wireless charger that it sells which has two flat charging pads. This is the first ever dual wireless charger that allows an individual to watch shows or check texts while their phones are being charged which however is more suitable.

The announcement of the dual wireless charger was done a few days ago at the Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event. The dual wireless charger was announced the same day as the new smartwatch. Be that as it may, the dual wireless charger had been leaked at an earlier time during the Amazon holiday preview event a week before. It was featured among the new products that would soon hit the market, but the device was not labelled or named then. Event attendees that happened to be perceptive were able to identify that the charger in the Amazon event looked a lot like the Wireless Charger Duo that was rumoured to come.

The Wireless Charger Duo comes in two colour variants – one white and the other one, black – and it is already available online at the price of $119.99.


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