Samsung, partnering with Spotify

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Samsung has made announcement stating that it is going into a long-term partnership with Spotify and also, it has added support for the Galaxy Home smart speaker that was announced just recently.

This partnership the company just made with Spotify is described as one that will cover all of the devices that are produced by Samsung ranging from Samsung phones to Televisions and even its speakers. This partnership is likely to result in a feature that will bring about a more incorporated version of the already existing Spotify Connect feature and it will be marked by more depth. The Spotify Connect feature is already provided on Samsung’s hardware.

At the moment, Spotify is now shares a seat at the table of the setup experience on Samsung devices. As a result of this, Spotify and Samsung accounts will end up being linked for smart home integration with SmartThings app of Samsung. More so, Spotify will assume the role of music option for Bixby. If a user of Bixby asks it for a song, Bixby will request the song of Spotify regardless of whether the individual has used Spotify before or not.

The Spotify service is at present streaming in at the very least 65 regions in the world except for India. Prior to this report, our sources notified us that the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, had stated that Spotify means to broaden the range of its music streaming service even to India. We could only expect that since Samsung is popular in India, the partnership between Samsung and Spotify will hasten the entry of Spotify into the Indian market.

These two companies, Samsung and Spotify are also making it clear that this move is only the beginning of their partnership. It is therefore safe to assume that more functionality is to be expected in the future.

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