YouTube live streaming gets revamped to 4K for 360-degree and standard videos

When it comes to video, what is in trend now is 4K video. One peculiar stuff about 4k video is that they boast resolutions at an estimated quadruple that of the normal 1080p we know. Over time technology is giving birth to to is 4K-resolution televisions as well as computer monitors.

YouTube is already taking up the challenge in its pacesetting culture rolling out 4K video uploads as well as playback on compatible hardware as far back as 2010. YouTube is so set to lead the crowd by extending the 4k video to live streaming videos.

It not only ends at live streaming videos, basically live, 360-degree videos are all getting the 4k video extension. So just start preparing you will soon see upcoming music video with exceeding amount of pixels sure to burst your bubble. YouTube made the announcement on the company blog.

Yet not anyone can just start enjoying this 4k video quality. First you must have a 4K-compatible screen so as to enjoy this increased resolution. Thus recent phones boast this technology with screens being able to support 4k resolution videos. We are very confident that Google’s next I/O events will be streamed 4k.

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