Finally finally: Netflix enables downloads for offline playback

For so long we have been crying for one feature from Netflix. And finally Netflix seems to be answering our prayers as to its mobile apps. You know this peculiar prayer: the capacity to download content for the purpose of offline playback.

Finally finally: Netflix enables downloads for offline playback

And now Netflix is rolling this feature out via its most recent update for its Android and iOS app. In face of this update, users will gain the ability download any of the supported TV shows or movies from their catalogue. One thing though is that not every content is up for the grabs as to download for offline playback but then from an overview, a good fraction of the content there are available.

So when a television show or a movie or TV is supported as to offline playback downloading, you should notice the download button in the description appearing beside the movie or possibly next to the episode title of the TV show you want to download.

So when you get to the settings, you have the option of choosing the downloads only on Wi-Fi as well as making a selection of the quality. As to the quality settings, the options we have are ‘Standard’ and ‘Higher’. This doesn’t give emphatic details about the bitrate and resolution. It is also possible to have an idea of how big the downloads will take on your phone as to storage and you could quickly dispose of these videos by deleting. If you explore around, you will also see the My Downloads section in the sidebar. There you could find everything you have downloaded.

The latest version of Netflix is available on the stores of corresponding platforms where we have Netflix.

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