Tutorial: How You Can Start and Manage a Group Chat in WhatsApp

Of course you don’t need anyone to convince you of how massively helpful WhatsApp is in staying connected with people- one lovely thing is it doesn’t matter which type of the smartphone, you guys could just roll on WhatsApp. Definitely in similarity with SMS, WhatsApp supports Group Chats, you have the options of talking with a group of friends, especially my Barcelona sports team fans, and just any other category of persons in general. So in this tutorial, we will briefly take you through the procedures of initiating a group chat in WhatsApp.

So sure the first thing you have to do is open WhatsApp on your device. If it is an iOS device, simply tap on New Group. If it is on your Android phone, simply tap the Menu icon after which you can tap New group.

Okay, after this you can scroll down through your contacts, and from there you could tap on any individual you wish to become a member of the group. So when you are through with the procedure, you can now tap Next.

You could now input a Subject for your Group Chat and, there is also the option of a thumbnail.

So when you are done with that, you can take the Create button after which your Group Chat is good to go. So when you send any message, everyone in the group gets it. It is as simple as that.

So in the a Group Chat you have possibly created, it doesn’t really matter if you have turned off Read Receipts,you still have the functionality of seeing who has gotten your message and who has gone through it. All you need do is swipe to the left on any message of your choice.

So if you want to manage your Group Chat, first you will have to tap on its name. From there, you have the option of adding fresh members, you can also go about deleting the whole group, even up to options like changing the Subject and Thumbnail.

So now in the case where you want to transfer responsibility of admin to another person—they will gain the capacity of adding fresh members as well as removing previous members—if you want to take someone off your Group Chat, you will first need to tap on their name following this up by taking on the corresponding option that comes next.

So that is it, you can now easily maintain relationship with every of your friends with ease.

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