iPhone 8 could be mega as Apple looks to test over 10 iPhone 8 prototypes

Already we have the iPhone 7 and all the clamour and sense of anxiety has therefore been transferred to the upcoming iPhone 8. Well so far we have have not lacked rumours about what the iPhone 8 should be presenting. All these while there has been gallons of talk surrounding the possibility of the iPhone 8 having OLED touchscreen, and now strong reports emerging from the Wall Street Journal are giving confirmations to the rumours of the iPhone 8 having such display panel.

iPhone 8 could be mega as Apple looks to test over 10 iPhone 8 prototypes

Well, there is sufficient logic in the possibility of this rumour turning reality. After all just of late, Apple had instructed its suppliers to add up on their OLED display output, including directives to “submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung”. Considering this however, we can’t yet be certain how precisely Apple is going to come about this. One thing to keep in mind is that Samsung is confidently responsible for over 90% market share in the mobile OLED panel niche.

So if Apple could successfully realize this diversion in display technology, the iPhone which rocks the OLED screen is sure to be sold at greater cost as compared to be others. This is very understandable considering that OLEDs come at a larger cost implication than LCDs. There is the strong possibility that the first supplier for the OLED panels could even be Samsung, but according to reports, Apple wishes for LG Display, Japan Display, thus we could see Sharp rearing to come into the scene by say the next two years.

Looking from another angle, it is yet possible the iPhone 8 will not come with an OLED iPhone next year. One reason for this is that this is only one of “more than 10” prototypes that Apple is working on at present.


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