Cortana’s Android app updated with new birthday reminder feature

Of course you should know Cortana. Well if you don’t Cortana is simply the name for the intelligent personal assistant as well as the knowledge navigator for Windows 10 as well as the Windows Phone 8.1 . Cortana is an impressive build up on Microsoft’s most recent voice technology tagged called TellMe. Microsoft actually bought this as far back in 2009. So well said, Cortana is your digital agent. She has been built to help you get things quickly and much more easily executed. One thing I love about Cortana is that the more you use it, the more personalized your experience stands to be.

Cortana's Android app updated with new birthday reminder feature

And now Microsoft is releasing some fresh updates to Cortana’s Android app, this build ramps the previous version to version 1.9.12, as well as introducing a lovely handful of fresh features, this also includes the capacity to now send birthday reminders.

“Birthday reminder: never miss a friend’s birthday again,” this was as announced by the change-log for the update. From what we are seeing, it is likely the digital personal assistant will get beefed up with birthday-related data from Outlook Calendar.

This is not all this update is rolling in. We could be equally be having the ability to also synchronize in a number of calendars. We also have some fixes for some crash-related bugs. You can download the updated app from the Play Store.

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