Have you noticed Play Store game showing detailed “Feature Ratings” circles for some specific game features

If you have been in it, you will agree that games are a kind of more difficult reviewing when compared to reviewing apps. Now it could be that the story of the game is more absorbing and exciting, yet the controls are not better in any way. Another light is that the graphics have this additional beauty to that yet the gameplay is not good at all. Now the thing is what rating would you rather give? The most general way was to give the game an average rating. But come to think about it, wouldn’t it have been preferable say you more precisely indicate which aspects were impressive as well as the aspects that didn’t impress you at all. This could be more beneficial to the developers and even other users.

Solution to this could come from one Play Store interface change. We have noticed the new Feature Ratings circles popping up for a number of users. This gives them the opportunity to differentiate separate ratings for a gameplay, the game’s controls, as well as the game’s graphics.

Users who now have a sight of these fresh Feature Ratings also have the option of assigning them in course of submitting a review. Rather than the conventional 2-step review procedure of bringing in a rating then a text review, we now have three added steps in assigning assign a 5-star rating to the gameplay, controls,as well as graphics all on their own.

Well from what we are seeing so far, we can say that these feature is being tested. Actually this is really great so we are quite confident that it would stay for real, it really makes sense if it is rolled out to everyone.

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