Lenovo could surprise us by buying Samsung’s PC division

It seems Samsung is trying to narrow down its enterprise to majorly smartphone business. This is quite reasonable considering that being a jack of all trade and being a master of none is the quickest way to get offloaded in the tech industry. There must be stronghold niche that is your strong tower and last resort. And if Samsung has chosen its smartphone business as such, the decision is obviously applaudable.

Lenovo could surprise us by buying Samsung's PC division

Just some time back in September, you remember we reported that HP had bought Samsung’s printer business. And from what we are seeing at the moment, it seems Samsung is about selling the PC division equally to Lenovo. Dragging from local reports in South Korea, Samsung has been engaging in discussions (well avoiding the limelight) with Lenovo over the past months in talks of a possible Lenovo acquisition of Samsung’s PC business. From the estimates of some analysts, they are prospecting the sales may be in the region of $850 million, although there is the possibility of this turning otherwise should it happen.

One reason we could drag from the recent sales of the printer business is because Samsung was restructuring to put more productive emphasis on its primary divisions, as well as for the fact that the record breaking sales the printer was hitting was already grinding down. If you similarly extend this, you see that the PC market of Samsung has been already shrinking across the last few years, so a penetrative look into the future may suggest it is the best time for Samsung to pull off.

So far Samsung has refused to comment on this acquisition talk when contacted.

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