Hurry People: Amazon slashes $100 off Sony Xperia X to sell at $300

It is Black Friday brethren, the day we have all been waiting for. It is so painful after subscribing heftily for placing your orders quickly today (before stock gets emptied), all your network provider gives you today is 2G edge network. It is conspiracy to deny you of the online generosity of Nov 25; a white memorable day for buyers but a black woeful day retailers dread as they are forced into being some online Santa Claus.

Hurry People: Amazon slashes $100 off Sony Xperia X to sell at $300

Now talking November Santa Claus, we have something great from Sony in the spirit of celebrating the Thankgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Rush to Amazon, there you have a mouthwatering offer for the Xperia X, getting it at just $299! Previously it sold at $399 that means a wholesome slash of $100. I guess there is no better time than this to buy your Sony Xperia at last. The phone is really amazing. Wait let us briefly examine the phone again.

Coming with a Snapdragon 650, the Sony Xperia rocks a 1080p display, boasting 3GB of RAM, as well as a sufficient 2620mAh battery. Guess there is no objection to the truth that the Xperia X is a clearly a lovable phone at $299.

The truth is no matter how you see it, this is still admittedly the most delicious price we have seen yet on this phone. But please one last thing to note, the slash is only for the black version — the remaining three color variants of the Xperia are still $338-$349 at the moment.

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