Tutorial: How can I Delete my Twitter Account

Hey sometimes you just get bored of all these social media craze, you want to leave Twitter behind you. Of course, it is very possible for you to eternally delete your account. This way you erase every followers, tweets, favorites, as well as any additional information. When you do this, at once it will disappear from Twitter and say in a month’s time, your data will be completely taken off from the server of Twitter.

So now how can you deactivate your account

So to go about deleting your account, you will first proceed to “deactivate” it. So when you are done deactivating your account, Twitter will now execute the complete removal of your information in a matter of minutes. From there, your Twitter account will be pushed in a queue where accounts are line up for eternal deletion. So following the interval of 30 days, Twitter will commence the procedures of permanently deleting your account completely erasing any related information of yours. This way not a single piece of your data will be spared as everything will be permanently deleted. After this, your twitter name is up for grabs as anyone could now carry out a registration of a fresh account with the former Twitter username you used before.

May be if your Twitter interest springs us again in that interval of grace which is the 30 days, you have the option of signing back into your account so as to go about reactivating it. This way your information which cuts across followers, your tweets and even your favorites—will get a restoration back to Twitter in a matter of just minutes.

How to Delete Your Twitter Account

So now should you want to delete your account, all you need do is proceed to the Twitter website which you have in your web browser—for sure it is not compatible with the smartphone app. You can now sign into your account via Twitter’s website. So you could tap your user account picture choosing “Settings” so as to reach the account settings page.

Next take the option of clicking the “Deactivate My Account” link which appears at the bottom of the account settings page.

Now Twitter will go about making provision for added information concerning the deletion of your account requesting from you feedback as to reasons which pushed you to deleting your account.

You will have to click the “Delete @account” button for confirming you intend deleting your account.

Okay, you will now have to provide your password clicking “Deactivate Account” to give confirmation of your intent of deleting your account.

So Twitter will notify of the deactivation of your account for the time. So in just a matter of minutes, your data should disappear from the Twitter website.

So there you are bye bye from Twitter!

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