Samsung to tempt us with Galaxy S7 edge in Glossy Black

At JustNaira, we go the distance to make sure you are well informed chilling on your sofa. We keep our ears and hearts to the ground as our earlobe mops up every tiny bit of news that fly past. And what we are hearing this time is that Samsung will be launching a fresh a hue for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in no distant time. Just some very few days ago, news surfaced of a Glossy Black flavored Galaxy which Samsung is planning on dishing us by the beginning of next month. And we can almost confidently say the rumours are almost maturing into truth.

Samsung to tempt us with Galaxy S7 edge in Glossy Black

Following the loud mishap of the Galaxy Note7 as well as the failure of the recall program, Samsung has been making strong attempts as to solidifying the position of the S7 series in the market. So far Samsung has been wooing us with promos even going the length of introducing the Blue Coral options from the Note7 phablet,borrowing the design to spice up the S7 lineup. And as if that is not enough, Samsung will be pushing its luck further by nudging us with this eye-catching Glossy Black option, which really resembles Apple’s Jet Black. All these just perfect for this Christmas period.

Thus we are now spread across options, which will you be doing, will you get one of the new hues of the Galaxy S7 series for the purpose of the upcoming holiday Christmas period or well you rather wait till next year for the well savoured Galaxy S8?

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