Uber wants you to make its drivers blush with its new praise feature “Compliments”

Uber has not really been cool with tipping its drivers with real money. And now Uber is finding another way for you of showing gratitude to its drivers. How about some lovely praises or better still a complimenting digital sticker? If you see a 5-star rating as insufficient then this Uber Compliments is that extra spice of gratitude you are looking for more of those modest thank-you notes.

Uber wants you to make its drivers blush with its new praise feature "Compliments"

So how will this Uber Compliments work? Good, now your driver has really impressed you by thrilling you with that music you can’t have enough of or he entertained you with a relieving and humorous chat and now you intend tipping them, but for the fact that by policy Uber is disenchanted with monetary tips, you could now choose to deploy Uber Compliments to show your gratitude. You have the options of choosing from badges which includes “Expert Navigation,” “Above and Beyond,” “Neat and Tidy,” “Cool Car,” and many others even spiced with a 5-star rating. By theory, this could be the pride of drivers as they parade their hard earned cool badges to their acquaintances.

Good, so you could give the drivers thank-you notes, this Uber thinks augurs well with the period of Thanksgiving. Here’s the thank-you note Uber officially used in a promotional video of this feature:

“From the moment we got into the car, she greeted us and made us feel so comfortable. She’s a very personable woman and has such a kind soul. She made my birthday car ride very memorable. Thanks Vickie, you’re amazing, and I hope we get to ride with you again.”

So Uber Compliments is already rolling out this week to your Uber app.


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