Instagram rolls out disappearing photos and video in direct messages as well as Live Video on stories

If you can remember very well once upon a time, Instagram used to be a social network specially assigned to postings food pictures. But then everyone is seeming to follow the Buhari cry for change and as such Instagram is not left out of the train of change either.

Instagram rolls out disappearing photos and video in direct messages as well as Live Video on stories

For some time now, Instagram has been rolling out feature after feature which is a becoming an increasing characteristics of Facebook owned social media platforms. Just some time back in August, we saw Instagram cloning come Snapchat features like the stories, and at the beginning of November, we saw Instagram still adding Boomerang support. And now in its refreshed enthusiasm, Instagram is again announcing two fresh features for its app – this will be disappearing photos/videos in direct messages as well as Live video on Instagram stories.

The truth is very little separates the live video feature on Instagram from what we have on Periscope. It is more of the sending hearts to the broadcaster when you tap on the screen. It is still rolling out and when it comes out on yours, Live video will pop in form of a fresh option on the camera screen. Your Friends could get notified the moment you go live, and then your story icon appearing at the top of the main feed will have an appearance of a ‘Live’ badge. The comments will be appearing on top of the broadcast, but then users have the capacity to pin a precise comment even disabling them completely.

The other feature accompanying this one we just talked about is the capacity to send disappearing photos as well as sending videos in direct messages. This can be viewed just once. This is really identical with what we have on Snapchat. So you get notified anytime recipient takes a screenshot or reopens a message. The feature is still being rolled out just like in live video.

You could try get the latest updated here But the truth is can we tell what Instagram would be copying next?

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