Reviewing the HTC 10 evo, the international version of the HTC Bolt

It is not really been long since the HTC 10 was unveiled – especially in terms of technology. Thus it is pretty understandable that HTC is already feeling the essence of refreshing the lineup in time for this holiday period. So now, this is what HTC is doing, refreshing its line up for international markets, but this time under the name of HTC 10 evo.

Reviewing the HTC 10 evo, the international version of the HTC Bolt

Well there is not much technical difference between the HTC Bolt and the HTC evo. For this phone, the evo rocks a Snapdragon 810, presenting four Cortex-A57’s running at 2.0GHz as well as four Cortex-A53 cores operating at 1.5GHz and. Pertaining to the RAM, here the evo rolls at 3GB and the internal storage is pretty impressive at 32GB even being capable with 256GB microSD cards.

When we move to pictures, we see that the camera is 16MP, sporting optical image stabilization, rocking a f2.0 aperture, as well as dual-LED flash, also including phase detection autofocus. This is really cool with the screen having a dimension of 5.5-inches, presenting a QHD resolution of 2560×1440. Just in resemblance with the original HTC 10, there is a fingerprint scanner is located on the front, the 8MP camera is equally on the front. Also in resemblance with the Bolt, we also have IP57 water resistance for the phone. The popular implication of this is that if the phone falls into a pool of water be it when you are swimming or when you are washing, there is nothing to worry about as to the safety of the phone. One place worth looking at the battery, the evo has 3200mAh capacity, this has the promise of sustaining you day 24hours.

One thing we don’t really understand is why the 10 evo has a processor which has lower specs than the HTC 10’s Snapdragon 820. Aside this, the HTC 10 evo is really very identical with the HTC 10 in almost every regard; okay except that it also comes absent a headphone jack. The phone will be launched with the Android 7.0 Nougat on board, thus it is very likely enhancements will be rolled out at once.

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