Have you heard WhatsApp is officially adding the video calling functionality

WhatsApp has been a wonder so far. The social media platform already boasts over a billion users, its easy chatting operation makes it very convenient to keep up very interactively with close acquaintances.

Have you heard WhatsApp is officially adding the video calling functionality

Yet for so long we have been anticipating WhatsApp to add video calling. This would be very delicious icing on that cake as it completes the sensational WhatsApp experience. Well WhatsApp now owned by Facebook is not first to begin voice calling on its app. As well, it is not the first to be adding video calls either. Finally after series of betas, even pulled betas, and yet boring us with more betas, WhatsApp has finally unveiled the feature officially.

“In the coming days”, WhatsApp’s user base which spills over a billion users on iOS, Android, iOS, and Windows will gain the functionality to participate in video calls with their contacts.

However brief the announcement, it is so welcome as we have waited so long for it. WhatsApp didn’t really release any added details, for that we can’t tell if it is going to take a fresh version of the app to make the video calling functional or yours. Another unlikely yet possible prospects is the video calling feature could just ‘magically’ appear on your WhatsApp some time upfront.

So all this said, just be vigilant, keeping an eye out for the video call option in your chats. Of course you are not waiting much long for this.

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