Tutorial: How Can I Search for Any Tweet Whatsoever on Twitter

By the records, Twitter had its launch by March 2006, sure it is over ten years now. But can you really believe every single tweet there is since its launch, are all intact in Twitter and you can really recover them?

The wonder is Twitter really simplifies the procedure of retrieving every single thing that has ever been tweeted, thus anyone can remotely search Twitter’s archive. So in this guide, that is what we will be showing you.

One of this ways you could retrieve such tweets is with Advanced Twitter Search

Now what you need to begin with is move to Advanced Twitter Search. There you will come across a variety of options. Words which is the first section allows you the premise of a few ways to precisely spell out words which are included as well as words which are not.

Now let us say you have a particular tweet in your head.“All of these words” gives you the avenue to search for a no-order combination of words, on the other hand “This exact phrase” has its operation like you are on Google inserting the phrase in quotes. “Any of these words” is really very helpful in the condition where you can’t precisely tell the specific words you are searching for. On the other hand, “None of these words” gives you the avenue to filter Tweets with words which has no relationship with what you searching for. One popular option however is to use hashtags or distinct languages.

Well that is pretty broad, but that is just one of your wide options, a very precise one when finding a specific tweet is filtering things by the user.

So we move over to how you could specify accounts which participated in a specific conversation. So now,you can search for tweets proceeding from specific accounts, even general tweets directed at a specific account.

So rolling in those above queries, you could find conversations as old as this.

Yeah, 8GB of memory is pretty sufficient!

Good, now don’t forget that the third box gives you the capacity of specifying accounts which have been mentioned in a specific tweet, this is say someone got mentioned in a tweet which is not particularly for such party.

So when you combine everything you have learnt in this tutorial so far, you could conveniently look for simply any tweet you have in your head!

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