Hey Guys check out this Firefox Focus Mozilla just released for iOS

Have you really thought about if you always browsed the internet with your browser in an incognito mode, blocking all the web trackers as well as advertisements on the internet. Well you have it all to yourself now with the latest Firefox Focus, Mozilla’s most recent version of a browser for iOS.

Hey Guys check out this Firefox Focus Mozilla just released for iOS

The thing about focus is that it possesses just a single tab with which you could browse. This focus has no bookmarks thus the browser is not designed in a way to save history. So in the case when you are through browsing, all you just need to do is click on the “Erase button” which appears very close to the address bar. When you do this, it will cleanse off everything you have done earlier. The incognito browsing of the focus has its way of hiding contents of the browser so it is not even visible when you are in the iOS multitasking menu. And when you make a choice of opening any page in Safari, you have that button all to yourself at the bottom.

So aside these privacy features, Focus equally has the capacity to blocks analytic trackers,ads, all by default including social trackers. You have the option of blocking web fonts, that is in the case where you want to go about reducing the page download size. Also, Focus has its way of integration with Safari, so when you choose to make use of Safari, all you need do is deploy Focus in the capacity of an ad blocker inside Safari.

I really like this Firefox Focus, you can download it from the App Store.

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