YouTube is working on an enhanced comment UI in the Android app: likes, dislikes, reactions

Keep alert people, a goat is about to speak English! Yeah something strange and lovely is about to happen. Youtube is turning from snacks to thick egusi soup… Youtube is actually getting more nutritious.

You should be aware how YouTube has long had some comment tools on its website so as to alter the sorting order as well as like/dislike comments. Well, the sad reality is that the Android app doesn’t possess a delicious fraction of that. What we had to rather settle for is just a handful conventional list of comments though presenting the option of adding your opinion to the mix. But then except this, there is not much to say about it.

However, we are set to see some lovely changes. Some users are beginning to see a fresh comment interface on the YouTube Android app. This brings in some refreshing cool features borrowed from the website. We now will be having a like button and one dislike button equally below each comment. This is an indication of the number of replies it got, as well as an option to make an expansion to view said replies in a different page.

We will also have a settings button with the function of switching the sorting approach between newest first and top comments first. Well, there is not much refinement as to the present comments interface, I would rather it is more of functional. For the fact that I have seen dudes make a complete mess of this YouTube comments thing, I would welcome some control over the comments in the app.

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