Tutorial: Verifying your Twitter account on Android

Getting verified on Twitter with an Android phone is no much more difficult than filling out a form.

Tutorial: Verifying your Twitter account on Android

Of late, Twitter has thrown open its verification process to just any individual who wishes to persuade Twitter into believing he is deserving of the well adorned blue checkmark.

Though as of now, there is still that mist of uncertainty as to the procedures by which Twitter chooses to one gets verified — those which would gain approval are most likely to be “accounts of public interest,” going by what the company says— but then the steps to reach this are far more easier.

Procedures to getting verification with your Android phone

Proceed to your Chrome browser to Twitter’s official verification page. After that, simply sign in to the Twitter account which you wish to get verification for. Then move on to glance through the information after which you could tap Continue to move on. Okay, click Next after ascertaining that this very account is that you intend to get verified.

Tutorial: Verifying your Twitter account on Android

Now fill in say two to five websites to enable Twitter get proper identification for your account.
Move on to type in about 500 words demanding Twitter to verify your account with solid reasons.

If you have done this. Click on Next once you are satisfied with your entries.
You could take your time to look through your request and then press Submit.

Tutorial: Verifying your Twitter account on Android

The moment you submit your request, it will take Twitter some span of time to expansively consider your application for verification and would get back to you over email telling you whether your request was successfully granted or not.

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