Opera Mini’s new video download feature targeted at helping you save even more data

In face of acquisition talk and stifling competition from rivals, Opera has been steadily maintaining its culture of polishing itself to still remain shiny and attractive to its users. A little sleep, a little slumber and their rivals are very eager to turn the knob and flush them far away from the top scene.

Opera Mini's new video download feature targeted at helping you save even more data

Thus Opera Mini just added some more delicious to get its users licking their lips again. This time, the functionality is of immense benefits when you actually consume a bucket load of video on the go. This most recent update to the app rolls in the functionality of downloading video from social media as well as any other video platforms straight to the internal storage of your phone or preferably to your SD card.

This is well in path of Opera Mini’s primary objective. Opera is counting on this as a sure medium to save on your mobile data. An explanatory instance of this is, one of your friends happens to make an upload of a video to social media platform. Now you really love to watch the video over and over again. All you could easily do is download the video the first time you watch it.

To the operation started, according to Opera all you need to do is click on “Play” on the video.

At this point, you will be prompted to make a choice of which folder to which you intend to have the video saved.

After this you could tap download.

Moreover, in the case where you have already started watching a video, it is still possible to tap the download icon at any interval at the top-right corner of the screen.

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