What does the latest update to Firefox on iOS bring?

In the case where you are an iOS user, it is most likely your basic browser is Apple’s very Safari. Well, you are neatly shaven and would be acquitted of blame. Actually, turning the pages of time back into history, we can’t really say Cupertino’s mobile users really have had a delicious dish of choice concerning browsers. Those like Firefox, which had only managed to creep into the App Store last year can be rightfully said to be malnourished of some features.

Obviously there is sound justification to that – store policies and regulations, stated that Apple only gives working permission to its third-party browsers that are based on Apple’s indigenous WebKit engine in the store. Mozilla finally bent in to pressure, resorting to designing a non Gecko-based browser for iOS back in 2015. The sad entrails of this was that Mozilla was pushed down to square one as regards features. Rather on the side of fortune, the most recent 5.0 update to Mozilla rolls in a helpful handful of deeply craved features. The highlights runs across a whole new menu button which does impressively well in simplifying the navigation as well as the interface.

So in this fresh version, it is possible to build your own homepage, rather than the burdening culture of having a blank tab open. You could as well add custom search engines. Tab management has enjoyed a bout of improvement equally. We now have a button which has the capacity to close every tabs as well as you undoing the action afterwards. Finally, well unfair to be called the least, iPad Pro users will now enjoy the juicy ease of keyboard shortcuts.

Most certainly, there are a still some improvements which the new version brings in which we didn’t touch here. Most especially Mozilla is boasting confidently that battery efficiency is really more handsome now. So should you be one strong fan of Firefox, I suppose you try your hands on the update at once.

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