Officially,Twitter’s Night Mode is now available for all on Android

Just June here, we heard reports of people seeing a “Night Mode” toggle in the Twitter for Android app. This was actually the aftermath of many demanding for simply a feature which could bring in the functionality of using the app conveniently even in the dark as compared against its traditional white-filled theme.

Officially,Twitter's Night Mode is now available for all on Android

The major thing here to polish with emphasis is that up until today it seems like this feature was probably going through tests; being available for just some few select users. But now it is not so anymore.

At the moment, every user of Twitter’s Android app without discrimination should be seeing the new toggle, which you can find in the navigation menu. You could access this either via sliding it out from the left or better still tapping on your profile photo. But please do not forget that its activation is presumably a server-side affair. The implication of this is that it may take some few more days before it actually becomes visible to you.

So the moment you activate the Night Mode, actually you don’t get a real pure black background for the user interface. On the other hand, what you actually see is tilted more towards a dark blue hue. All the same, it should contribute its relevance by enabling AMOLED screens chop a reduced amount of power as compared to the normal mode.

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