Yahoo almost being acquired by Verizon for $5 billion

2016 has not been a steady ride for Yahoo at all. The Yahoo ship is almost an economic Titanic now struggling not to drown in the tech waters. 2016 can be said to be a strong winter for Yahoo as its earnings has been greatly frozen. With too many drips attached to an ailing Yahoo, its ownership is considering selling it up.

Yahoo almost being acquired by Verizon for $5 billion

And now all looks set for the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo. From the reported arrangements on ground, the deal runs into $5 billion. From the way it is, the deal has almost be sealed, sewn and embroidered. All we are waiting for now is an official announcement which we don’t expect to escape this week.

Worth mentioning here is that as at the moment, just an agreement over the deal has been attained – the acquisition will still have to skip past regulatory hurdles. The report also brings in details that the current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will be leave as part of the deal with his replacement the AOL boss Tim Armstrong.

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