It is possible the iPhone 7 might have a 3D touch home button

After a fat series of rumours and leaks, there is a plumper level of certainty that we will be able to lay our hands on the iPhone 7 by say the middle of September. Considering how short the amount of time is, we tend to see an elevated level of authenticity in the Apple rumor collection. But then we can never be too certain.

It is possible the iPhone 7 might have a 3D touch home button

Fresh leaks popping out reveal the fattening possibility that the iPhone 7 will present a 3D touch home button. The idea appears in line with the latest MacBook touchpads. The implication of this is being able to tell between several levels of force as well as providing a vibration or “haptic” feedback to the user, rather than actually pushing in a key.

Of course, this sounds pretty interesting, but then there remains a lot to cleared about how well the user will welcome this innovation and then the ease of use of the 3D touch home button, if it eventually plays into reality. This is as iPhone users are getting more accustomed to a constant presence in the iPhone family.

In a separate turn of events, spying into Apple’s barns, we seem to spot the possibility of having Black iPhone option this 2016! This is sure to bring a fresh breath to Apple, most particularly those who were endeared to the ravishing beauty of the Black iPhone 5s.

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