Yahoo Answers Now arrives on Android in complete convoy of all its lovely features

Well Yahoo Answers is one confirmed box of lovely information pertaining to just any question you can ever think of. Could it be a random question or a technical question per say. The chances are pretty high that someone must have asked it on Yahoo even popping up on a Google as a search result. The truth is not all the answers nail it straight but then these answers go a very helpful length in giving a you a clue at least. It is really sort of unfortunate that one of Yahoo’s very aged and worst attractive entities (in appearance) has made it surviving all this long not losing an inch of its popularity.

Yahoo Answers Now arrives on Android in complete convoy of all its lovely features

Despite the option of accessing Yahoo Answers from your phone browser, it is yet very clear that something like a native app would actually have been better in asking some of those weird questions or answering other people’s questions. Yahoo has definitely seen reasons to roll out that Yahoo app that simplifies everything. Finally bringing Yahoo Answers Now to the Play Store.

The listing of the app is enjoying a rebrand from Yahoo’s last Hive Q&A app (which it had rolled out some time back in June). This app gives you the opportunity to ask your questions getting real answers from real people which is way more personal or realistic than those gotten from search engines. You can show your gratitude to these persons answering you even following them. This app has some fresh features, you can write adept replies laced with photos, emojis, as well as links, in such a way that you could get quick notifications for just anything. In the case where you wish not to participate, you could simply navigate through the categories searching among questions and topics that have been previously raised.

You can now get Yahoo Answers Now free on the Play Store. So feel free to rush there get yours and begin enjoying answers and even asking yours.

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