Bored? How you can delete your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn gives you the avenue of deleting your account, wholly cleaning off your profile from its database. Deleting your linkedIn account is really a mega move as this is an ultimate move in permanently halting those infuriating LinkedIn’s emails.

Bored? How you can delete your LinkedIn account

So after you have deleted your account, you relinquish access to every of data you previously had in your account. At once profile vanishes from the LinkedIn website following this with a demise from Bing, Google, as well as other search engines.

Good, but you still have the option of reversing your decision within an interval of twenty days so as to carry out the reactivation of your previous account. But truly you can’t get your complete LinkedIn cake as you would be ridden of every group memberships,mpending and ignored invitations, recommendations, followings, and endorsements; you previously had.

Having shown you all backslash to deleting your LinkedIn account, and you are convinced that deleting your account is what you want, then let us proceed on the procedures.

How Can You on the Desktop Website, Delete Your Account

If you want to delete your account, proceed to the LinkedIn website, pointing to your profile picture icon. Have you seen it? It is appearing at the top right corner of your page, after that you could click “Manage” appearing close to the Privacy & Settings.

Bored? How you can delete your LinkedIn account

Okay, now you can scroll down on the Account page clicking “Closing Your LinkedIn Account” which comes under Subscriptions. So from here you can proceed right to closing Your Account page with this link.

Bored? How you can delete your LinkedIn account

So you have to specify why you wish to close your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn may ask you for feedback of what you would have loved to see. After that you can continue by taking “Next”.

So input the password in to your LinkedIn account on the next page clicking the “Close Account” button give confirmation that you intend closing your account.

Bored? How you can delete your LinkedIn account

The next we will be looking at here is how you can equally delete your account on your phone.

There is equally the option of deleting your account from the LinkedIn app. This could be via Android, iOS or through the LinkedIn mobile website on your smartphone. There is no big difference in closing your account on either iOS or Android.

So take the “Me” icon you have on the navigation bar proceeding on tapping the gear-shaped “Settings” icon. After that take the “Close Account” option you have on the Account tab.

The next thing to take is “Continue” choosing a particular factor which had inspired you to close your LinkedIn account. Provide the password to your LinkedIn account password tapping “Done”. This is all, your account is therefore closed.

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