Did you know Apple greatly enjoyed the Galaxy Note 7 disaster

One man’s food is another man’s poison, one man’s losses is another’s gains. This is the situation with what Apple is meting on Samsung in the smartphone as of now. Owing to the misfortune Samsung had suffered with the failed Note 7 disaster, Apple has exploited this reasonably in upping its US market share to 40.5%. This is actually up 7% year-over-year. While Apple counts its blessings, Samsung counted its loses.

Did you know Apple greatly enjoyed the Galaxy Note 7 disaster

This was according to statistics supplied by Kantar well reputable in statistical analysis of the global market. The increase in the market share for Apple is impressive as it shows that not too many persons were upset with the fact that the iPhone 7 did not have the 3.5mm jack. The iPhone 7 was a mega success in the US followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 succeeded by the iPhone 7 Plus.

One stats sure to arouse interest is that Google’s new Pixel smartphones also remarkably made its mark in the sales report as coined from the US smartphone market . This is really big success on the part of Google considering that these phone were just presented in the market not too long ago by October 20 – only a few days preceding the finish of the sales quarter which terminated back in October.

“Google achieved 0.5% of smartphone sales, a strong showing given that the Pixel was only widely available from October 20th. In that short time, Google has reached market parity with more established brands like Huawei and Microsoft, who are also at 0.5%”.

All the way to Asia, China particularly has violent local competition. Apple was on the losing side as it conceded some grounds – with a market share dropping down to 17.1%, a notable decline from the 22.5% it recorded last year.

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