Dropbox introduces offline folders for paying customers: how you can enjoy it on Android

For so long we have been yearning for Dropbox to introduce the feature of offline folder support. Although Dropbox appears to have given us a listening ear, the feature is however strictly available for people who have been paying for Dropbox services; for premium accounts.

Dropbox introduces offline folders for paying customers: how you can enjoy it on android

For a long time now Dropbox has long allowed us to access files offline, and you could explore your files on your tablet or your phone when you are not on data subscription. But a Dropbox is taking it way larger this time by allowing you to reach whole folders offline. The sad thing however is that this feature is accessible to those who have been paying Dropbox for its services

Thus this fresh feature is open to strictly Dropbox Pro, Business and Enterprise subscribers. This feature will first be rolled out to Android. By 2017, we are expecting the iOS version to come out too according to arrangements being put in place by Dropbox.

Now if you are a paid Dropbox user, to enjoy this feature on your Android; in the very way could tap the downward-arrow button appearing to the right of a filename proceeding to select Make Available Offline, it is the same way you could tap that very button to transform a folder for easy reach even when offline.

You could reach all of your folders and files from the Offline tab of the Dropbox app. This way any distortion or changes you enact when you are in offline more will get synced immediately you come online back.

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