You can now enjoy basic iPhone features in over 200 different car models

Going by what we are hearing, Apple is cutting down its ambitious appetite of building its indigenous Apple Car. It is becoming more apparent that Apple may readily make do with the cars we already have on hand.

You can now enjoy basic iPhone features in over 200 different car models

The in-car operating system (just in strong resemblance with a stripped back version of iOS) has been rolled out in over 200 various cars. The latest additions where we have Apple’s CarPlay is Honda, Audi, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen, as well as a number of 2017 models cars.

Just to clear things for you, CarPlay is a one smarter way which had safer to enjoy your iPhone in your car. CarPlay receives instructions of what you intend doing with your iPhone in course of driving putting them straight on the built-in display of your car. This way you can make calls, get directions, sending and and receiving messages, as much as listening to music. All these enhanced in such a way that you maintain your focus when driving. You simply need to connect your iPhone and carry on.

It is not really clear pertaining to specific numbers how this would measure against Google’s rival car OS, talking about the Android Auto. Both Android and Apple are already covering the top manufacturers.

Just some months back in October, Android Auto was arranged to be rolled out to over 40 2016 models, this cuts across BMW, Fiat Chrysler. Lexus and Toyota. Moreover if you are so obsessed with getting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you don’t need to buy a new car. In the car spare parts market, you could get some accessories like the XAV-AX100 which Sony released of late.

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