Why You Need To Set a Forum Website Up?

Starting a forum website is an easy way to make money online and you can set up a forum website yourself with little or no knowledge of how it works. I don’t mean you should go ahead and start a ‘make money online’ type of forum that floods the internet today. There other areas that needs to be focused on especially in Nigeria which no one seems to be working on.

Think of romance, marriage, politics, dating, health, music, videos, entertainment, TV shows, sports and many more. The list of type of forums you can create is endless but the one thing you need is to discover yourself and choose that topic you love most and that which you have expertise in.

If you start a forum on ‘romance’ alone in Nigeria, you will have people leaving other popular forums to see what you have in stock to offer. Some other niches/topics are hungry for discussion, why don’t you be the one to provide that?

To start a forum website, you will need to register a domain name and a hosting account. After the payment for your hosting and domain name, you will need to install forum software .
Below are lists of forum software you can use freely:

This forum software is easy to use even for a complete newbie that does not have much knowledge of how it works. Most forums in Nigeria are powered by this software. They have a great community where you can seek help during and after installation. They also have lots of cool and professional themes that you can download and use for free.

This is another good free forum software, it is easy to use and has cool themes that makes your forum website to look appealing.

This forum software is free and it is also easy to use. They also have good support.

There are other free forum software out there that you can also try. You can get some list of free forum script from Google search engine.

How to make money with a forum?
Our main objective for setting up a forum is to make money. You can monetize your forum with Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, Cost Per Action (CPA), text link ads and you can start selling your own product. But the first thing you have to do before you monetize your forum is to build your content and member to a good and better level. The simple truth is that if you build it, they will come.

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