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Sometimes ago a friend of mine told me that he can configure my computer to browse free without paying a dime, so I allowed him to configure my computer for me, lo and behold, my computer browse freely for 24/7 without subscribing. Since then, I have stop using my glo sim I use for subscription.

I have been using my computer to browse for more than a year now since he has configured it or me. I want to share how my friend configure my computer to browse free of charge.

The software I use for the browsing is called Your-freedom. Before I start the configuration proper, you will need to:

1. Sign up an account with your freedom @

2. Download your freedom software from

After proper sign up and download, configure your computer as shown in the picture illustration below.

Step 1:- Install the software, after a successful installation, launch the software and it will look like the picture below.

Step 2:- Click on configure and a new window will pop out where you can configure it.
In the new window, configure it as shown below.
Port: 80
Connection Mode: HTTP
Tweaks: None

Step 3:- Click on “account information” tab and insert the username and password you use to register on


Step 4:-Click on Save and Exit below the tab then return to the main window. Then click on the port tab and click on the two boxes as shown in the picture below.

After proper configuration as shown in the steps above, exit the software and relaunch it again and leave it to connect it self. If connected successfully, it will look like the image below:

Once the software shows something of this nature, that means you are connected to the internet. But if the little door you are seeing in the software is closed or show a red exclamation mark in between the door, that means your settings is not correct or the network is bad at the point of configuration.

You have one more step to go to finish the whole configuration. The last step is that you should go to your browser. Let us take Mozilla Firefox as an example, click on tools ==> Option ==> Advance tab ==> Network ==>Settings then tick on manual configuration and set your:
Http proxy: port: 8080
Socks Host: port: 1080
Set the rest of the proxy to and port to 8080

For more information, question and addition use the comment box below.

N.B==> You can only use the cheat illustrated above with an ETISALAT Line.

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