How Will My Google Adsense Check/Cheque Be Delivered To Me?

When you are filling your Google Adsense registration form, you will be asked to add your home address where your payment will be sent to.

You have two options on how to receive your checks/cheques. The two options are:
• Standard Delivery
• Secured Express Delivery

The standard delivery checks/cheques are sent by regular mail i.e. Through Nigeria post and it should arrive within 2-3weeks of the mailing date. This service is free to use. If you use this service, there are chances that your check/cheque might get missing but you can you can request for a reissue after 60 days of the original issue date.

The secure express delivery checks/cheques are sent via courier i.e. through DHL and it should arrive within 1 week. With secure express delivery, you will be charge €17 from your Adsense account. With this service, your check will arrive within 5-10 business days you will also have the opportunity to track your check location and the arrival date through DHL website.

You can choose the method that you love most to receive your Google Adsense check/cheques. But as for me I prefer to use the secure express delivery to standard delivery because of their reliability and security.

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