How To Clear Your Google Adsense & Other Foreign Cheques In Nigeria

Are you a Google Adsense publisher living in Nigeria and finding it difficult to cash your check/cheque?

Are you doing an affiliate program that pays you with check/cheque but you‘re finding it difficult to cash your money?

You don’t need to worry about those questions you’re seeing above, you can easily cash your Google adsense and other affiliate check/cheque easily in your local bank account here in Nigeria.

Your Google Adsense check/cheque and other foreign check/cheque can only be paid to a domiciliary account, domiciliary account can be use to clear your dollar, euro and pound sterling check/cheque. Domiciliary account can only be operated in foreign currencies. You can also use your domiciliary account with forex, but am limiting this post to Google Adsense and other affiliate program check/cheque clearing procedure.

The first thing you need to do is to go to your local bank where you are operating a savings/current account and ask for a domiciliary account form, you will be ask to fill out some information and you will need to provide some document such as two passport photographs, a utility bill (e.g. PHCN bill) and your National Identity Card/ International Passport/ Drivers License. After this, you will be asked to provide two referees. You will only be asked to provide referees if you are operating a savings account with them, but if you are using a current account already, you won’t be ask to provide referee. Your referees must be a current account/ domiciliary account holder with your bank or other commercial banks in Nigeria and there account must not be dormant. To make your domiciliary account process faster, I will advise you to find referees from your bank.

The opening balance of a domiciliary account differs from bank to bank for example,

• Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) domiciliary account opening balance is $100. You can withdraw your $100 after the whole process.
• Intercontinental Bank Plc (IBP) domiciliary account opening balance is $150. You can only withdraw $135 after the whole process. The remaining $15 will remain in your account
• First Bank domiciliary account opening balance is $500.
• Access Bank will request for $100, but $20 must always remain in your account.

From the four banks listed above, you can see that GTB is the best bank you can open a domiciliary account with because they are the cheapest and they allow you to withdraw your entire fund at your will. Before I opened my account with GTB I visited almost all the commercial banks in my area to know their charges and criteria. I will advise you to open a Dom account with GTB because I find them reliable and cheap.

After opening the domiciliary account, and confirmed your referees you can now pay your check/cheque into your dom account. Every commercial banks in Nigeria uses 15 working days to clear your check and credit your account with your money. You will be charge $10 for every check/cheque cleared by GTB. The amount charge as bank charges varies from bank to bank. After they must have deducted $10 from your account, you can withdraw the rest of your money. You will be paid in the currency ascribe on the check/cheque.

By now you must have had a full idea of how domiciliary accounts work, how you can cash your Google Adsense and other affiliate program check/cheque.

In my next post, i shall be looking into how your Adsense check will arrive at your home.

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