WhatsApp for Android will Now Use Google Drive to Backup Data

The more we ingrain every facet of our lives into a smartphone, storing almost every important data we have on our smartphone, the larger the risk of we being lost should the smartphone be destroyed, lost or even stolen. Android has impressed by bringing in some back up sources but then global chat client WhatsApp announced a partnership with Google to ensure that its 900 million use client base don’t lose anything of relevance to them. Vehement competitors Facebook and Google startled us when they announced this partnership with Google which when considering the adept rivalry between the two tech giants seem ridiculous. WhatsApp users on Android can now back up their whole WhatsApp history straight into Google Drive. This back up development will include chat histories, photos, video and voice messages so that you could be able to retrieve and transfer all that data to a new smartphone when you set up WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to use Google Drive to back up data

WhatsApp for Android will now be having Google Drive integration; this will allow you back up your media content as well as chat messages to the cloud. It is also possible to download the most recent version straight from Google Play. Worth adding here is that the new feature might not be available outrightly as it is “rolling out over the next few months” though it will be present in your WhatsApp settings. There is no definitive period that it is set to take, this might need you checking your app over a period of time should you want to exploit this fresh feature.

In the words of Google, the company simply intends to help “keep your memories safe.” The company has also revealed that Drive includes encryption and that this new addition to WhatsApp will help users restore their data or content on a new smartphone which is not only limited to their existing Android phone.

The partnership understandably serves the interest of Google with WhatsApp 900 million users in mind, a big fraction of these are Android users. This could be a pretty advertisement to attract more Android developers to build Google Drive into their apps.

On the other hand for Facebook, it is quite unclear as it would have been more understanding if WhatsApp had just let users back up their content to Facebook. The most likely explanation therein is that Facebook don’t want to piss off the userbase of an acquired app. “Google Drive was an easy choice,” WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton disclosed in a statement. “It offers the native Android experience we want for our users and the scale to grow with us.”

Every information you share via Facebook Messenger at once becomes available on Facebook, but when the company bought WhatsApp, it dished out pledges that it would keep the messaging app entirely on its own from its social network. Facebook very well had the option of partnering with any number of cloud storage services, but for Android it reasonably went with Google Drive.

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