Meet The Lexus Car Made From Cardboard

How about a car you never need a mechanic for?

How about a car you use and you use, and dispose into the recycle bin when you done?

This is the Lexus Origami car we are talking about. Conventionally when you look at a piece of origami art, we the emotional ones will see a butterfly, a pescetarian would see a fish while those of most active at night would see an owl, others might just simply see a crane. But Lexus thinking miles outside the box of convention saw a whole car!

Lexus IS sedan

Lexus UK Introduced a wholesome dimension to its IS sedan designs; this time card boards!

Taking a big innovative clue from the art of origami, the piece of engineering sculpture (which is recyclable) needed 1700 pieces of cardboard, every one of them accurately and neatly cut to fit into the others. Even the wheels are designed from cardboard too, and yet they roll wonderfully.

The car is not entirely a solid block. There is a concealed a steel and aluminum frame underneath. The doors open up, the interior is complete with holders and seat. It is well fitted with headlights. What you surely can’t beat is that it comes with an electric motor which enables it to be driven though there is strong doubt if it will be legalized for street driving.

Lexus went into partnership with UK designs firms LaserCut Works, Models and Scales to produce a one-off vehicle. They went it work on a digital 3D model of original IS. The cardboard was cut by means of laser technology in slices 10mm-thick. It was coupled by hand, as well as wood glue keeps the parts in working union.

There is very slim possibility as said that the Origami Car will be doing any laps around a test course or driving even to your golf course. It is less of an engineering than of a work of art as such meant for aesthetic purposes and little outdoor locomotive functions. The lines of the design are pretty peculiar when you are not basing all your sense on the paint, chrome as well as technical specifications.

Lexus thus unveiled the cardboard, origami-inspired replica of its IS sedan which as said was made from 1,700 fully recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets” sourcing its power from an electric motor. The design was cooked for 3 months from the aforementioned designers ( UK laser-cutting service LaserCut Works, 3D model maker Scales and Models, and packaging company DS Smith) to realize this wonderful handcraft. In addition the glue took 10 mins to dry so “accuracy was vital, as changes couldn’t be made once the glue had dried,” quoting a news release.

Lexus UK IS sedan interior

The car will have its exhibition at the home improvement show Grand Designs Live which will start from Thursday will be happening at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in UK. Quite a distance from home here in Nigeria, but the wonder deserves to be heard by the whole world, doesn’t it. Drive that here in Lagos, and will be needing a mattress in LASTMA office as you could sleep there for days!

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