Microsoft Unveils The Surface Book

Today, we will be talking about the first laptop Microsoft unveiled. It is called Surface Book, it doesn’t have much resemblance of a Surface at all. It has a 13.5-inch display, a trackpad made of glass, a machined magnesium body and a backlit keyboard. Microsoft went a far extra length in this design: the screen is detachable!

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One powerful feature that is sure to be a technical darling of many users is its latest generation of the Intel Core processor as well as an Nvidia GPU including a GDDR5 memory. Going by what Microsoft said, it is going to be the fastest 13-inch laptop ever to exist. As if this is not enough, it has an amazing a dozen hours battery life- the battery lasts for 12 hours; simply unbelievable! The keyboard is noiseless while the display has a commendable pixel density of 267ppi.

With the introduction of this device, Microsoft’s takes up arms going into competition with Lenovo laptops, the MacBook Pro and many more.

Surface Book

With a discrete GPU, the Surface Book is most likely to beat the operating pace of 13-inch MacBook Pro even up to twice. The company seems to be comparing graphics performance, which is not really fair as the 13-inch MacBook Pro doesn’t have a discrete GPU.

It is quite a wonder how the company managed to couple such battery durability into a 13-inch laptop. Microsoft launched Adobe Premiere Pro giving a clue to the public at the thundering pace at which you could edit a video on this machine.

Now coming back to the detachable screen, which is 7.7mm thick with the weight of 1.6 pounds. If you want to exploit the wealth of opportunities associated with the machine performances, you are required to plug it in to the base, this is owing to where the GPU is. And most certainly, the display is a touch screen. To say in another way, it is a convertible laptop designed in a very commendable way.

The Surface Book starts at $1, 499 and it would be available on the option of preorder by October 7. It could be fully available by October 26. Microsoft didn’t really make references as to wether there could be multiple versions and didn’t delve into much details as to specs. Well we could say the device is not cheap, but if you look at it from value other than cost, it is cool.

Microsoft’s new Surface Book can be rightly said to be the most appealing device to have ever been made by Microsoft. For one thing, it is a beauty to the eyes, it is slightly of the boxy type, in a kind of way brushed aluminum. Its strength is well removed from its width and weight as despite its light and thin, it is a technological heavyweight . There is the stylus, it becomes detachable into a tablet and sure this hinge is sure to blow your sanity. After so many years of trying to compel us into the future Microsoft imagines, the company has at last built a realistic world for us to live in with this Surface Book.

This new device is not really made to convince you to start all anew. No! Without doubts, it is a laptop that can send your laptop packing. When its display and base are docked together, it could be said to be one of the most powerful Windows PCs with man can boast to angels with!

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