Jack Dorsey Now The Permanent CEO Of Twitter

Jack Dorsey will now graduate from the “interim CEO” assuming the position or the permanent chief executive of Twitter. The company has officially disclosed the news to the public as board members are not stingy with their support staking it all behind Dorsey, who would still hold duties as CEO of Square. The double responsibility was initially seen as a dent on Dorsey questioning his focus as Twitter’s top executive on a long term; even up to a time the board at a time announced they were on a look out for someone who has the capacity and time to take on the role on a full time basis. An SEC filing brought in the revelation that Twitter formally arrived at the decision on September 30 and also that “there are no plans to provide Mr. Dorsey with direct compensation” for his position as Twitter’s chief executive.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive

Influential Twitter investors have been bent on the recommendation of Dorsey to lead Twitter ,on the grounds that only a tiny grain of individuals boast Dorsey’s conception of the service as well as his vision for the future. Dorsey is one of Twitter’s cofounders, he has occupied the position of interim CEO position since June when former chief Dick Costolo voiced his plans of stepping down. There were the speculation that there were other viable candidates for the position among which the revenue chief Adam Bain was topping too as well as CFO Anthony Noto. However Adam Bain has been appointed chief operating officer. The official appointment of Dorsey to the top position just comes at a time when the former CEO Dick Costolo was just leaving the Twitter’s board. As regards the full-time chief’s plan, Dorsey well mapped it on a tweet. “Our work forward is to make Twitter easy to understand by anyone in the world, and give more utility to the people who love to use it daily!”

“Over time it became clear to us that Jack was not only meeting, but surpassing our expectations of him as interim CEO while running Square,” said Currie, who was on the CEO search committee.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, who was also on the search committee had a similar argument.

“Jack has already demonstrated the ability to inspire the team and think boldly about the next phase of Twitter. His connection to its roots informs a depth of vision and authenticity of voice, which I’ve been excited to hear,” Williams said in a blog post Monday.

Dorsey’s climb to the top of two giant elite tech companies originates from a rather surprising beginning. Profiling his early life, Dorsey is the eldest of three boys. Dorsey had his life growing up in St.Lious in the United States where his father had a job in a factory that produced scientific equipment. Dorsey could attribute his early interest in programming when his father gave him his first computer, an IBM PV Jr, at a tender age of 8 years consequently getting a Macintosh three years later.

While a junior, he hacked into the computer system of Dispatch Management Services, a New York bicycle messenger service. Dorsey. While as a junior, he hacked into the computer system of Dispatch Management Services which at then was a New York bicycle messenger service which he later dropped from college to producing software.

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