Watch YouTube Videos While Working on Other Apps on (iOS 9) iPad

The excitement of the iOS 9 is well fresh in the air as users get to grasp with the new melodies the Apple orchestra is playing in this new mobile operating system. The iOS 9 is rightly codenamed as the “Monarch”, prominent as the Apple finest modern mobile operating system. The iOS 9 was announced at WWDC 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 8, 2015. It well comes with a more intelligent Spotlight, a more proactive Siri, an unprecedented News app, a reincarnated Wallet app with store and loyalty cards, tether-less Carplay, an updated Notes app, transit directions in Maps, and an interesting much more.

One popular problem I have come across is that users find difficulty in watching YouTube Videos with Picture-in-Picture on their iPads. Hey so that you get to flow along with us, the Picture in Picture mode of iOS 9 is not really compatible with your YouTube app for ipad but then a twist and turn there well maneuvered can let you watch any YouTube video in the foreground while you have your hands working on other apps.  

Picture in Picture support gives users the added function of watching videos while working on other apps as previously stated. How do we go about this?

The YouTube app on the iPad is also compatible with Picture in Picture but the only added thing here is that it will work only when the app itself is in the foreground. But this doesn’t watching a YouTube video in PIP mode while you still have your fiddling on other videos inside the YouTube but the hurt comes in when as soon as you move on to another iOS app, the play of the video grinds to a halt. YouTube and iOS 9’s Picture in Picture.

YouTube and iOS 9’s Picture in Picture

YouTube and iOS 9’s Picture in Picture

Get to think of the added comfort you stand to get if you could multitask even simultaneously having your eyes in YouTube while still replying emails or even checking your Twitter stream. How are you enjoying the imagination of such comfort, well stop fantasying as it is now a living possibility.

Introducing the YouTube PIP, a very recent app that gives the users the functionality of watching any YouTube video via the Picture in Picture mode in YouTube. The procedure simply involves that while you are inside the YouTube, just tap the share button as well as copy the link (URL) of the YouTube video. Now open the YouTube PIP in your Safari browser, proceed to paste the YouTube URL and click the Play button.

There you are! The YouTube video player will have that picture-in-picture icon which you could tap so as to get the video detached from Safari. Now feel free to switch to any other iOS app without any hitch in the play of the YouTube video. Fun? You will also see that the YouTube video will also support “true” full screen mode which you basically not get in your normal YouTube app.

Sure you need no handkerchief for this simple trick, no sweat! When you paste the YouTube video URL, the app will embed the YouTube video in HTML5 version. And for the fact that it is an HTML video, the PIP controls are available at once. This is a sure bet for all YouTube videos which have embedding-on-external-website feature supported.   The Picture in Picture mode matches any iPad model among which are the iPad Pro, iPad Air or the iPad Mini. PIP is not supported by Android yet there are quite a handful of apps that will place YouTube videos in the foreground.

watch youtube video in pip mode

Guess it is now time to enjoy!

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