Adding Taste To Facebook Mobile Profiles

It is reality that the number of visits Facebook profiles generate on a daily basis could even exceed four billion times a day. Yet this doesn’t douse the desire of Facebook to make profiles the most suitable place to curate your online personal information as well as maintain connection with others.

Some few days ago, Facebook unveiled some fresh, mobile-compatible for Facebook profiles. There were three major additions that will enable you with more functionality to show the world your chosen identity as well as be in control of of the content which your profile showcases.

Bring Your Profile to Life

The world has experienced a great scale of change since Facebook last introduced profiles in 2004. On News Feed and profiles, we get to see individuals come up with more videos and even view them more than they had ever done before. Few days ago, Facebook began testing the next possible move in a clear evolution of profiles:profiles videos. In the shortest possible time, users will be able to film a short, say a looping video clip which they could play for anyone who visits their profile. Profile videos gives you the opportunity to show that bit of you the world has not known about bringing in an extra touch of diversity to your profile.

We are not taking profile pictures out of the pictures either. Facebook has put in some new features which will assist the user in representing his personality more suitably in his profile. In the instance where over 26 million users get on Facebook’s Celebrate Pride filter, it becomes more seeming that people make use of their profile to reveal their identity-even however briefly. Profile pictures have larger meaning than just static portraits. They tend to entail a vivid window which someone else could look into your life at that moment. Facebook is strategically bent on giving users the wheels (tools) with which would help them proper transport their identity to their profile.

Well embedded in this motive is the provision of the enablement with which the user could set up a brief version of his profile picture that rolls back to his last profile picture at a chosen time. Do you want to throw in your support for your team in the buildup to the big game, or show off a splendid #tbt picture or even celebrate a special moment like a vacation? There is now the opportunity to put up a temporary picture designed particularly to meet the need of the moment or event. It could be a visual status update to inform your friends on what occasion is popping in your life that day. Or possibly a cause you strongly favor.

Improved Profile Controls

The strings have always been in your fingers, pulling and determining who can view your information you put on display on your profile. And now Facebook is introducing extra convenience into new customizable space which is located at the top of your profile. The user can manage and organize this space; even putting forward what he deems fit for people to come into knowledge of;this could be done when you vary the visibility of the fields that are displayed up there. You could also fill out the new, one-line ‘Bio’ field: choose specific public About fields which could include education and work details to show there; even getting to lay emphasis on vital events by selecting five Featured Photos to be displayed at the top of your profile. Though this space is open to anyone who visits your profile, special control is reserved for you to determine whatever is displayed there.

Design Improvements to Your Mobile Profile

In addition to the new profile features, Facebook has brought in a couple of design development to mobile profile which is sure to add colour to the profile layout as well as procure display information about the user as well as his friends in a more visual way which is way more interactive. Facebook intends to fully impress you front-and-center on your profile picture and video. Profile pictures are now in the mould of giving the user the bigger showroom to show their entirety to the world.

Facebook has rolled in sweet changes that will aid the user in the task of learning more about people you just came in contact with making sure you can view the most delightful visuals highlights from the friends you already share acquaintance with. People are more generally glued to pictures as well as mutual friends when browsing through profiles of friends or someone they have met not too long ago; so that there is less stress in seeing them.

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