Google Officially Becomes Alphabet

It would no longer be a surprise if Google metamorphoses into Alphabet.


Following the close of U.S markets on Friday, Alphabet will take the place of Google as the public traded company that will encompass the Google’s search and a Web-advertising duties, maps, YouTube and not excluding its “moonshot” ventures in the likes of driverless cars.

Google’s class A shares and class C shares will at once change into the same number of Alphabet class A shares and class C shares also going on to start trading on the Nasdaq beginning from Monday. Though the ticker symbols will not be changing.

This big tilt in operational structures as disclosed officially in August, falls well into the plans to separate the core businesses of the company from other businesses like driverless cars, internet-connected high-altitude balloons even including its glucose-monitoring contact lenses.

The principal part will retain its name as Google with operations to be carried out as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet. Sundar Pichai will occupy the positional head of Google.

Alphabet will be presided over by Google co-founder Larry Page and every one of the businesses will come along with its distinct chief executive.

Google co-founder Larry Page

Beginning from the company’s fourth quarter in January, Alphabet will possess two reporting units- Google and other Alphabet businesses wholly.

Investors have well applauded the new dimension as they say it will enable them have a clearer picture of the how well Google’s lucrative businesses are performing financially.

Alphabet’s businesses will now involve the likes of connected home products maker Nest, Google Capital which focuses in larger tech companies, and venture capital arm Google Ventures.

Though speaking personally I have my reservations about this move, but we know daring moves like this turn out nutritious diet for Google to fatten their fortunes on.

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